Arriba de la Roca
KM 74.3 Highway 19
Todos Santos
Baja, Mexico

from the
US or Canada:

within Mexico: 6121492639

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A picturesque 60 minute drive

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From your airport car rental ask them to direct you to the toll road, it is about $5, or 70 pesos, and they will take USD. When you get on the toll road your first stop will be to pick up a ticket for the road. Stay on this road to the exit marked Cabo San Lucas, NOT San Jose. After a while you will see an exit for Todos Santos. Take this.. You will be on this toll road for a total of about 20-25 minutes and when you get off this toll road it will merge with Hi 19. You will come out on about the 115 km mark. The highway is marked every km…..we are at km 74 so you will be on this road for about 1/2 hour. Just after the km 74 marker you will see a break in the guardrail, on the ocean side. You can also see us up on the cliff. Slide through this break and drive past the squatters. The road will fork. Go left and follow the road around and enter through our gate as you have arrived at Arriba de la Roca.

If you need us to arrange for a car rental to be picked up at the airport please let us know.


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